Teaching Staff

The teaching staff of the Ancient Mediterranean World MA is composed as follows:

Name and Surname Title Subject area Email address
CAPPONI LiviaAssociate ProfessorPapyrologylivia.capponi@unipv.it
CARSANA ChiaraAssociate ProfessorRoman Historychiara.carsana@unipv.it
D’ALFONSO LorenzoAssociate ProfessorNear Eastern Archaeologylorenzo.dalfonso@unipv.it
HARARI MaurizioFull ProfessorEtruscologymaurizio.harari@unipv.it
GIORGIERI MauroAssociate ProfessorAnatolian Languagesmauro.giorgieri@unipv.it
GORRINI Maria ElenaAssociate ProfessorClassical Archaeologymariaelena.gorrini@unipv.it
ZIZZA CesareAssociate ProfessorGreek Historycesare.zizza@unipv.it

A number of Visiting Professors from European and non-European Universities will join our Team. Additionally, several Museums Directors (including Dr. Christian Greco, Museo Egizio di Torino) and Junior Researchers will contribute to teaching activities and will lead skills based field-labs (for e.g. ceramology, topographical relief, GIS).