Fieldwork opportunities in Turkey and Syria

During the spring and summer 2024 prof. d’Alfonso will lead fieldwork in Syria and Turkey.

In Syria the fieldwork is taking place starting at the site of Tell Senhani near Latakia on the Mediterranean coast. The mound of Senhani (see picture associated with this message) was surveyed in the 1970s and 80ies, minor soundings took place in 2015 and 2016, but the site was never extensively excavated, and this is a new project in collaboration with the museum of Latakia and the DGAM. The excavations will take place between April 3 – May 5. There is availability for eight-ten students. While the region of the site is secure, the current war in Gaza and its possible impact on the safety in the region are monitored daily, and the project will only start if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy will authorize and support it as the result of the presence of the minimum required security conditions in the country.

In Turkey excavations will continue at the site of Nigde Kinik Hoyuk, where we will keep excavating the occupation of the first half of the 1st millennium. In particular, we will excavate the Middle Iron Age gate and fortification of the citadel in the southern portion of the mound, will excavate Middle Iron Age occupation inside of the citadel in the northern summit of the mound, and will complete the restoration and cleaning of the  citadel walls on the northern slope. The excavations will take place between July and August. There is availability for seven students. 

Interested students are invited to send an email expressing their interest to PhD student Giacomo Casucci:

In your email, in no more than 100 words, express your motivation for participating in the fieldwork, and a cv. Please send your message by Sunday November 12, and be ready to show up on Monday, Nov. 13, in Prof. D’Alfonso’s office during office hours: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.