Students Benefit System

EDiSU (ENTE PER IL DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO UNIVERSITARIO, government agency for the rights for high-level education)

Students’ benefits are managed by EDiSU (Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario), a dedicated government agency aimed to provide housing, financial support and other special subsidies to eligible students.

Every year, EDiSU offers scholarships to enrolled or prospective students. Scholarships are a mix of cash money, one free meal per day and accommodation. Students can apply for a scholarship even if they are not enrolled yet but the scholarship will be awarded during the academic year.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of income and academic results.

You will find a general presentation of the EDiSU Pavia at

EDiSU, presentation

More information can be found on the EDiSU website (link 1) (link 2).



The University of Pavia has an agreement with Banca Popolare di Sondrio. Banca Popolare di Sondrio provides enrolled students with a student identification card that may also be used as a debit card and that is connected to a bank account (all the main online service connected to this bank account are free but there are some charges if you decide to use the counter, please check the conditions). This card is used to transfer refunds, scholarships or payments for part time work. For details please visit this page (link).



Every enrolled student can apply for a bus card to move through the city via public transport. The bus card is offered with a yearly fee. You can apply online here. Please find the step by step procedure at this page (link).



UNIPV is renewed for its halls of residence. Living in college means being in the midst of a stimulating and creative cultural environment that has a long tradition in Pavia.

There are 20 colleges in Pavia, 11 are managed by EDiSU who also offers rooms as part of scholarships. Accomodation fees may be paid as part of the scholarship or personally by the student.

The deadline to apply for a place in one of the students’ residences managed by EDiSU is usually the end of July.

Detailed information concerning colleges can be found at these pages: