Joined ISAW-NYU & UNIPV seminar begins on 09/14/2022

The course of Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Western Asia is scheduled in the first semester, starting regularly after September 27, 2022. However, wIthin the course of Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Western Asia there is an elective, non-mandatory research seminar on: Archaeology of Religious Institutions and Sacred Space in Syria and Anatolia (2nd-1st millennium BCE). The seminar is part of a graduate teaching program for students of the UNIPV MedArc program and Study of the Ancient World program at New York University. It will be taught online until mid-October and in presence form mid October to mid-December.

THE SEMINAR WILL BEGIN ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2022, and participants will meet every week 3-6pm on Wednesdays. No more than 20 students will be admitted to the seminar. Prerequisite to be admitted is to have attended in the BA a course of ancient western Asia archaeology or history, OR being registered for the pre-course of Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology offered by the program. Students planning a MA thesis on ancient western Asia will be given priority and are in any case strongly suggested to take the seminar and engage with research approaches to AWA archaeology. The remaining spots will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Students interested in participating in the seminar are invited to contact the instructor by email ( seminar contributes to  the 40% (12p/30) of the final grade of the course. Students not taking the seminar will be assigned chapters of two regional handbooks of archaeology for the final exam, as described in the syllabus.