Archaeological excavations at Niğde Kınık Höyük (Turkey)

To the attention of the students of the Master School in The Ancient Mediterranean World

Dear students,

The archaeological excavations at Niğde Kınık Höyük (Turkey) seeks two participants for the 2-months campaign 2021 (06/15-08/15): one will be part of the team investigating the Hellenistic occupation, the other the pre-classical occupation (LBA-IA transition). The project will cover travel, board and lodging costs. Participation can be of either a month, or the entire season.

Interested students should send an email with a declaration of interest to and by Tuesday Nov. 10, 2020. We also ask you to attach to the message a cv emphasizing previous excavation experience and work in museums/labs. Within Thursday 12 we will select the participants for the campaign among the candidates, and contact them to prepare the paperwork due by November 26.

Please note the following:

  • candidates must have a valid passport to participate;
  • the realization of the campaign depends on the pandemic developments and the legislation regulating it. We were able to excavate in 2020 and are optimistic that in summer 2021 the conditions should be much better than they actually are; nonetheless we will update the selected candidates along the spring on the feasibility;
  • on top of the two participants mentioned here, we can take more students of Turkish nationality as we want. This is due to a Turkish law establishing a ratio of 51% between Turkish and non-Turkish participants of any archaeological team. Also for students of Turkish nationality, we ask however to send us the declaration of interest and the cv as specified above;
  • selected students will get the credits for the required Field Archaeology Training / Material Culture Laboratory through their participation in the campaign.